These 5 great anti-aging procedures are perfect presents!

This list of amazing aesthetic procedures is guaranteed to give you that extra Christmas sparkle and to still make you look refreshed and healthy at the dawn of2012. Let’s banish the thoughts of the economic doom and gloom , with 5 simple and affordable “pick-me-up” steps to give you that extra “edge” for the upcoming party season which will last you well into the new year. Follow this plan , and next year you will for once actually look better in the aftermath of those New Year’s eve parties! So gift yourself or to a loved one, one of these brilliant aesthetic procedures this Christmas, and I will make sure , in the true style of Santa Claus, that you get your gift for an affordable price! To find out how, do read on until the end of this blog!

1.Frown lines and eye wrinkles at the end of a stressful year?

Botox to me is like a knife to a plastic surgeon, the most vital tool. From as low as £250 this simple and brilliantly effective procedure will make a huge difference to those frown lines and eye wrinkles. Botox can also give a sexy and radiant eyebrow lift so you will certainly be the King or Queen of any party. Most importantly, I have performed well over 10,000 botox cases over the  years, and hence I use the most advanced techniques  including “baby botox”, so everyone at this year’s parties will simply be jealous at just how naturally youthful and energetic you look.

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2.Dark circles and that’s even before the New Year’s eve champagne?

Hollow eyes , lower eye bags, crepy under eye skin and dark circles can give you a very tired look which is not always coverable with make up , and those late nights and wonderful Christmas wine are likely to make things worse. Tear trough filling with Perlane can be very effective to give you rested and rejuvenated eyes improving dark circles and eye bags very effectively. From only £450 and lasting  12-36 months, this is one of the most exciting non-surgical solutions.  A combination with botox in this area can also be great!

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3.No sweat! Stay serenely dry even in front of the warmest Xmas log fire!

Botox for underarm or hand sweating is a life changing treatment, and my patients are always thrilled with just how effective the treatment is and how much confidence it gives back to them. So have the confidence to grab the hand of somebody special under the mistletoe or to wear any clothes you may wish at Xmas. With the price of £550 and lasting 6-12 months, this is a near to perfect Chrsitmas present you can give to yourself or to a loved one.

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4. Gift your skin that faultless glow this Xmas!

Skin looking tired and dry at the end of an exhausting year? Pigmentations from last summer still not budging? The perfect gift to your skin this winter is the Obagi medical cream skin range. Obagi Nu Derm will give you faultless skin, and will banish all pigmentations permamnently in just a few weeks. I really do feel that the Obagi range is truly amazing, literally giving you a brand new youthful skin. Prices start from £600 for the 12 week medical rejuvenation regime with Nu derm. Prices start from only £40 for the brilliant Vitamin C serum, and Elastiderm which improves the elasticity of the skin under the eye giving  the skin back it’s snap! And need we mention Elastilash which naturally grows your eyelashes! So yes, you will glow even more at the Xmas office party this year, and you will certainly be able to flutter those eyelashes, even at the most scary boss!

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5. Get that extra lift with new kissable mistletoe lips..

Restylane  is a brilliant product which can be used to naturally shape and enhance your lips. I like to use a minimal approach, and  using some great new techniques  I find that as little as 0.5ml of restylane  is often  more than enough for a natural but brilliantly effective result. And at the Milo clinic, we use only the best dermal fillers, and with the addition of lidocaine, this procedure no longer brings a tear to the eye.  So forget about lipstick bleeding or lips that you feel are just too thin, and stride confidently into any party with your fuller sexier lips. Prices start from £250.

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