Baby botox better than too much botox

Many of our daily newspapers  ask Dr Nick Milojevic for weekly opnions on various topics in aesthetic medicine. This week The Daily Mail interviewed Dr Milojevic on “wrinklerexia” which is a trend in some patients to have too much botox, and who come for too many treatments and ask for doses which are too high.  It is very important to identify such patients, especially those with body dysmorphic disorder, and to guide them appropriately.

In the article, Dr Milojevic explained that in fact there is an increasing trend in more subtle botox treatments such as “baby botox”, which uses tiny doses but still achieves great results. He also explained that when used properly  botox gives very subtle and natural results  which are not obvious at all, and that prevention of wrinkles and folds with small botox doses is very effective indeed.

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18, October, 2008Grga Borac