Vaser lipo – the minimally invasive ultrasound liposuction miracle…

male-after-vaser-hi-def-2-209x220male-before-vaser-hi-def-210x220images-220x150At last!! It is finally here!! Vaser Lipo, the miracle  for body shaping and body thinning!! I say miracle, as it manages to achieve results that were previously thought to be impossible with methods such as classical liposuction and laser lipolysis methods such as Smartlipo.

At the beginning of this blog I did say :” it’s finally here”, which is not true in every sense of the word… What I mean to say is that it is finally arriving at the Milo clinic, about which we are very excited about indeed… The Vaser Lipo system has been in existence in the USA and also UK for a good 2 years now, and the results are just stunning, and the before and after pictures in this blog are just a foretaste of what this ultrasound assisted liposuction can do..

This is not one of my famous survey blogs , but why is Vaser lipo better than classical liposuction? Well in short, classical liposuction always requires a general anaesthetic, Vaser Lipo does not, and also with Vaser Lipo we are breaking down the fat cells with Ultrasound before sucking them out, whereas with classical liposuction we mechanically have to force the fat out. Conclusion, Vaser Lipo provides a much safer procedure with much more accurate results. Much!

And why better than laser lipolysis methods such as Fotona and Smartlipo? Side effects such as burns are much less common with Vaser Lipo, and the results are much much more dramatic and much much more accurate. In fact the before and after pictures in this blog illustrate the HIGH DEFINITION method which is only achievable with the VASER LIPO system, where we are actually shaping the muscles. Mind blowing I know, but true… So who needs to go to the gym any more!!?? Tear up your membership cards, and join the Vaser Lipo club instead…

Joking aside, Vaser Lipo is the most exciting addition to our clinic, and it can tackle many problem areas such as the chin, backs of arms, hips, fat abdomens to name just a few.. In fact many of my esteemed colleagues such as Dr Ravi Jain at the Riverbanks clinic,  first tried Smartlipo , then Fotona and finally all settled on the best of the lot, Vaser Lipo.

So why did we wait? Well we waited until we found a system that really worked, and also we waited for the opening of our new clinic in Zagreb.. (more about that in another blog coming soon!)

So where in our clinics can you find Vaser Lipo? Well,  in our soon to be opened clinic in Zagreb, Croatia, where we will be the first to introduce this new technology to the whole region, hopefully revolutionarising liposuction here as a whole. We will also provide the service in our UK branch through our partner colleagues.

If you are based in the UK, should you consider making the trip to Zagreb for the procedure? The answer is yes, as the price in Croatia will be much lower, and with EasyJet flights, and with Croatia being such a beautiful country to boot, it could be the perfect marriage..

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