Vaser Lipo – The miracle of liposuction with better and more even results, done under local, and hardly any downtime!

Scan-6Here is our latest coverage from the Croatian press, where Dr Milojevic now has his own regular column in a national magazine called : “Zdrav Život”, which means “Healthy Life”.

This month, Dr Milojević discusses the different types of invasive and non-invasive body contouring technologies, and assesses which is the best. In a world of ever evolving techniques and body shaping machines, VASER LIPO is still the most up to date and is simply the best.

The most frequently asked questions Dr Milojević has been asked recently?

Is BodyTite as good as Vaser Lipo?

The answer is a firm NO. Yes it an interesting new technology based on Radio Frequency, but it still does not have the liposelectivity of Vaser Lipo and is more “rough” on the fat. The results are nowhere near as good, can be more uneven, and the downtime is longer. Plus fat transfer with this technology is not possible.

Can the non-invasive procedures such as Accent, Med Contour, Vaser Shape, Ultrashape and Velasmooth achieve results as good as Vaser Lipo?

No they can not, and in fact, I am yet to be completely convinced that the non-invasive techniques can achieve a significant result at all. If you don’t actually “suck out the fat”, what actually happens to it?! Although I must admit that the non-invasive technologies are improving and some promising things are coming onto the market.

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10, November, 2011Grga Borac