What is the best Chemical peel?

Most of you would have already read our most popular blog “What is the best dermal filler?” (https://www.miloclinic.com/blog/?p=182), and the response was so positive to that blog from all of you,  that I have, with quite a delay, decided to continue this “What is the…”  theme in our blogs, by compiling a new survey blog called “What is the best Chemical peel” .

Just like with all the different dermal fillers, there are so many available chemical peels out on the market, and it can be quite confusing for the consumer to decide just which one is the best, so here’s a little help. I will survey 4 different popular chemical peels, and with marks out of 10, I will try to point you towards what I think is the best of them all. For the winner and the wooden sppon, read the top 4 list at the bottom of the blog.


RESULTS  10/10 In my experience with all the different the peels, this is as I have said many times,  “a kind of miracle for the skin” . It eradicates practically all pigmentations, removes most acne scars, blackheads and imperfections, and it gives the skin a flawless appearance. And rejuvenation? Well it really can make the patient look 10 years younger.

VERSATILITY 10/10 It can be used with all skin types, and with hydroquinone and tretinoin in the mix, it is the only chemical peel system which can be used completely safely on darker skin types.

SIDE-EFFECTS 7/10 The side-effects of the trademark Obagi Blue peel are mild and serious side-effects very rare. The patient will have a week of serious peeling which is more than some of the other chemical peels, but this happens for a reason, and it will obvioulsy produce better results. While preparing the skin for the peel, with the NU-DERM creams , there can also be some mild side-effects such as redness and dryness.

PACKAGING 9/10 With the designer box and tubes, trendy wash bag and user friendly instructions, the Obagi systme is a joy to use. And as a finale, the peel is blue blue blue..

CLINICAL EVIDENCE 9/10 Obagi was invented by Dr Obagi all the way back in the 1970s, and therefore there is copious evidence on safety and efficacy of this product. Obagi in the USA, has been placed on the safe and effective drugs list by the very stringent FDA.

TOTAL  45/50  VERDICT: we love it!!



RESULTS 7/10 Until we discovered Obagi , this was our mainstay, and yes it does produce some very good results. It rejuvenates and smooths the skin and it can get rid of blemishes, pigmentations and small scars. However, it just doesn’t go far enough and deep enough.

VERSATILITY 7/10 Even though skintech provides a wide range of preparation creams, these peels can not be used no darker skin types at all.

SIDE EFFECTS 7/10 Just the same as Obagi, side-effects do exist, but are minor.

PACKAGING 6/10 I know that this section may feel irrelevant, but the appearance of your products in my experience is all important. As most of you who would have spent a lot of money on facial creams in the past, you enjoy your creams all that more if they look good. The design of Skintech creams?? Dull!! And no trademark BLUE peel.

CLINICAL EVIDENCE 8/10 Maybe not as extensive as with Obagi, but there is plenty of good clinical evidence backing up this product.

TOTAL 35/50 VERDICT: Last decade’s news..



RESULTS 4/10 The eagle-eyed and well educated readers among you, you will notice that I have chosen a very general term in GLYCOLIC PEELS. Yes indeed there are many many different types of glycolic peels including AGERA, NEOSTRATA and JAN MARINI peels to name a few of the most popular ones, but for the purposes of making this survey easier for you to understand and easier to make your decision, I made a decision to put all glycolic or “sugar peels” together. These are all wonderful products, which can be applied by pretty much anyone with appropriate training, but the honest truth is that they can not make a big difference, and they can not be used to treat big problems. If you already have good, young looking skin and want a little freshen up, then this can work, but do not expect results which are much better than just a good facial

VERSATILITY 6/10 Following on from the above point, glycolic peels are not very versatile as they can not treat very many conditions and problems. Having said that, in another way, they are very versatile as they can usually be used on all skins.

SIDE-EFFECTS 10/10 The trump card for Glycolic peels, as there are virtually no side-effects. I had a NEOSTRATA peel once, and I was just very slightly red for a few hours, hardly noticeable. So if you want a lunchtime freshenup of your skin, this may well be the one for you.

PACKAGING 8/10 Difficult one to mark this one, as we are lumping together many different products, but glycolic peels and creams are usually beautifully packaged and a joy to use.

CLINICAL EVIDENCE 8/10 Lots of clinical evidence and a great safety record for these types of products. Especially NEOSTRATA , our favourite.

TOTAL 36/50 VERDICT: Nice and friendly peels without a punch



RESULTS 9/10 These are the very deep and strong peels which can only be performed by doctors in a hospital setting. As far as results are concerned, these can be incredible. I have seen results where it looks like the patient must have had extensive plastic surgery, and yet all they have had was a phenol peel. I have marked this product down slightly as side-effects can be severe, but more on that below.

VERSATILITY 3/10 This is a severe treatment and not too many patients are suitable to have it. Many medical conditions will exclude the pateint from being able to have this procedure. And as far as being used on darker skin types, forget it!!

SIDE-EFFECTS 1/10 This procedure is not very commonly performed these days, the main reason being paind, discomfort and the potential for lots of side-effects. The peeling process: Your face will be swollen, red, oozing, and crusted. Over several days, your face will become stiff, dark, and begin to flake. Within seven to ten days peeling and flaking will be complete, and you will be left with healthy, smooth, bright red skin. This sunburned appearance will take two to three months to improve. Thereafter, your skin will appear extremely pale.
Presentable in public: You will be presentable in 2 weeks with makeup. This is just a description of the post peel process, but other side-effects can be severe.

PACKAGING 1/10 Forget packaging with this bad boy!

CLINICAL EVIDENCE 6/10 Over the years, much clinical evidence has been gathered on this peel.

TOTAL 20/50 VERDICT: If the results of this peel sound too good to be true, you would be right. The risks are too high..


Winners list:

1. OBAGI 45/50 The king peel, nothing comes near it!

2. GLYCOLIC PEELS 36/50 Nice and friendly, and nothing to lose

3. SKINTECH PEELS 35/50 The old kid on the block

4. PHENOL PEELS 20/50 Results can be good but it just too harsh

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