Dr Milojevic becomes the Tear Trough expert in the Cosmetic Surgery Today magazine

Our very own Dr Nick Milojevic has become the tear trough expert in the Cosmetic Surgery Today magazine, UK’s leading aesthetic magazine. He was featured widely in this issue as one of the best aesthetic doctors in the UK, and here is what he had to say about the wonderful tear trough procedure:

“The non-surgical eye bag removal is a remarkable procedure with a real wow factor. This “tear trough” technique is one of the most exciting advancements of modern anti-aging medicine, and along with the non-surgical nose shaping procedure, it is certainly among my biggest specialties. In my opinion, in 95% of cases of patients presenting with lower eye bags or hollows the surgical option, blepharoplasty, is now completely unnecessary.

I use a careful multiple puncture technique, and using a meticulous approach we are able to remove the appearance of lower eyebags and hollows completely to the amazement of our patients, and with no unevenness or lumpiness as we place the filler under the muscle and close to the bone.

This safe procedure lasts only about 10-15 minutes, is relatively painless, and our patients can carry on with their lives immediately, without the long downtime and scars that the surgical alternative will always produce.

In most patients, 1 to 2 ampoules of hyaluronic dermal filler are enough for great results, and my favourite filler in this region is Restylane Perlane. Even with older patients with big puffy eye bags, we can now achieve great non-surgical results, as we have done in over 2000 successful procedures.”

Dr Milojevic has since been appointed as the expert for nonsurgical nose shaping procedures and the brilliant nefertiti neck lift, but more of that in the next issue.

To view the profile on Dr Milojevic featured in the CST nagazine, please click on the following link, and then on the PDF file: Milojevic profile

18, April, 2012Grga Borac