Dr Milojevic discusses the terrifying concept of DIY botox in September’s issue of Company Magazine

In September’s issue of the Company magazine, Dr Nick Milojevic gave an in depth interview discussing the terrifying advent of websites promoting DIY botox.

These are websites selling cheap, stolen and quite probably contaminated botox, and they come with face maps, needles and syringes, telling the prospective DIY patient where and how to inject the toxin.

E-Bay did for a short time sell such “packages” of botox online, but they did swiftly remove the items.

Dr Milojevic found this a rather shocking revalation, and he advised all readers of Company magazine to stear clear of any online DIY botox, dermal fillers or any other DIY aesthetic treatments, as the consequences could be disasterous. The side effects can include  short term results such as   heavy eye droop, brow droop, facial assimetry or lumpiness to name but a few.  But what is a lot more worrying are more serious side effects such as  skin infection, skin necrosis,  systemic  infection or even death.

Dr Milojevic also commented that these “one size fits all” maps sounded horrific, as cosmetic doctors know that every face is different, and each botox treatment is tailor made to the individual patient.

So the moral to this magazine interview? Don’t poison yourself with horrible, stolen, high dose or contaminated batches of botox or dermal filler, but seek out a qualified, and superbly trained doctor, preferrably a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors. If you do this you just can’t go wrong…

You can read the full interview below:

23, August, 2009Grga Borac