The new Restylane Lidocaine– No more need for pain when having dermal filler procedures!

We are very excited to announce that we have introduced Restylane Lidocaine at the Milo clinic . Restylane lidocaine is the new dermal filler launched by Q-med last month.

So what is the difference between this new filler and the traditional restylane and perlane dermal fillers?

This is exactly the same filler as the old tried and tested dermal fillers, the only difference being that they have a small amount of local anaesthetic called lidocaine already added to them. So a small difference in the syringe, but a big difference to the patient, as these new fillers make the whole experience of dermal filler procedures a lot less painful.

So no more need for sitting in the waiting room with EMLA cream on you face, nor is there the need for local anaesthetic “dental block” injections. Dr Milojevic has already treated many patients with Restylane lidocaine , and the patients love this new filler reporting that the pain is much reduced and many have said that the procedure was painless. You can of course still choose to have EMLA or a dental block to reduce the pain even further, but once you try the new lidocaine filler  we are sure that you will not look back.

Q-med have of course conducted thorough studies before launching Restylane lidocaine , so you can rest assured that it is completely safe..

Is there a catch? Is it more expensive? The simple answer is no, at the Milo clinic this “next generation dermal filler” is exactly the same price as the restylane and perlane without lidocaine, and these traditional fillers are still available too.

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28, June, 2009Grga Borac