Sky news interview with Dr Milojevic discussing Sweatox

Last Sunday, our director, Dr Nikola Milojevic  was interviewed by Sky News, discussing the increasingly popular new trend of sweatox. Dr Milojevic is one of UK’s leading experts in administering botox for excessive sweating.  

So what is sweatox? Well it’s botox for sweating in the underarms, hands, feet, face and really pretty much anywhere where there is excess sweating. This is a brilliantly effective treatment  which is most of our patients described as life changing. The botox blocks the sweat glands from releasing sweat and the results can last as long as one year.

So if you have a summer wedding coming up, an important job interview or if you just want to be free of embarrassing sweat patches or a sweaty brow, sweatox is the answer!

26, June, 2009Grga Borac