Marie Claire interview-Dr Milojevic discussing the worrying trend of online DIY injections

Last month, Dr Milojevic was interviewed in Marie Claire magazine, and discussed the worrying trend of online DIY BOTOX. So what is DIY botox or  aesthetic treatments such as the “self injection” of dermal fillers? It  is  the worrying advent, of recession hit patients  turning to search engines in order to find botox they can buy themselves cheaply online. As shown in the thumbnail on the right, Marie Claire have published a picture of the Botox kit they were able to purchase online, illegally and without any prescriptions, which are necessary in the UK in order to be able to administer botox. The kit provides botox , needles and even a do it yourself manual, and face map!

Dr Milojevic explained the huge dangers of such  practice, and advised Marie Claire  readers not to attempt any such DIY “adventures”. He explained that the dangers included wrongly dosed botox, resulting in either no result at all, or much worse , botox overdose which could result in droops, paralysis and worse still severe systemic illness. Also, the botox may well be contaminated if it is being imported and sold illegally, and this could result in poisoning or  transmission of illnesses such as viruses. Wrongly injected botox or dermal fillers could result in skin necrosis. ( there is a photo of skin necrosis around he mouth in the above Marie Claire article thumbnail)

Dr Milojevic went on to explain,  that even if the materials bought online turned out to be genuine and uncontaminated, to perform a successful botox treatment it takes a highly trained and experienced doctor to get a natural, and side-effect free result. So the moral to this story? If you want to avoid the dreaded droop or the frozen look, and just want to be naturally rejuvenated, avoid the do it yourself botox manuals!! Don’t forget, your face is not an Ikea chest of drawers!

31, January, 2010Grga Borac