Milo clinic interviewed : City men increasingly seeking rejuvenating procedures

A City AM (a daily free newspaper) journalist interviewed me recently, asking me about the trends of surgical and cosmetic procedures men are increasingly seeking. I discussed many topics, including the tear trough treatment for eyebags, the increasingly popular “baby botox” and also the life changing “sweatox” treatment, which stops underarm and hand sweating .

To put the whole issue of men having more and more cosmetic procedures in a nutshell, here as story:

I always tell a story of a cab driver, who once picked me up and overheard me talk on my mobile about botox. “Oh I would never have any of that stuff done guv!” he said as I got off the phone.  “Well do you use daily facial creams?” I said. “Yes I do guv!” the cabbie responded rather sheepishly.  “If I had asked you 10 years ago whether you used facial creams, what would you have said Mr Cabdriver?”. “Can I have your card doctor!!!”.

A short anectodal story illustrating a very true fact, which is that men are meterosexual beings these days, and they care about their appearance. We are all aging slowly but surely, and yet we feel so young. So men, why not just do it!! I can give you my card…

On that note, I must admit that I have not been a true man this morning, and technology has got the better of me! On the right you can see the scannned in article I have been talking about, but I just don’t seem to be able to enlarge it for you to read. I have therefore been very practical on this occasion, usually a female trait, and have written out the relevant text below for your enjoyment. Speak soon. NM.

The CITY AM article (the relevant bits):


A procedure currently gaining ground – especially at this time of year – is the injection of botox around sweat glands in specific areas – shazam, no grim sweat patches on your shirt. The procedure works by blocking nerve signals to the sweat glands, thus preventing sweat in that particular area. While armpits are the most common area, it can also be applied to sweaty palms, feet or even the groin – anywhere perspiration’s a problem. It’s perfectly safe since you’ll still sweat in other areas, and lasts six to nine months.


Whereas botox is injected into muscles to relax them, dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvderm are inserted into wrinkles and lines to fill in and flatten them. As well as getting rid of wrinkles, fillers can be useful for smoothing out misshapen noses, acne scars, nose-to-mouth lines and sorting out eye-bags and tear troughs. Dr Nick Milojevic specialises in the latter, and says he has many male clients. “You can reduce quite strong eye bags by putting injections below them and filling out the troughs, and it only takes 20 minutes to do.”


The word might suggest women with freeze-dried expressions, but botox has become a
sophisticated treatment and one that’s increasingly popular with men. Micro-botox treatments, known as “baby botox”, in which half the normal dose is injected, are particularly appealing to chaps who want to subtly freshen up their look rather than fundamentally change it. When injected in tiny doses, Botulinum toxin works to relax the muscles that cause creasing and wrinkles. For men, that most commonly means the frown line between the eyebrows – long hours staring at the computer screen can exacerbate this – but it’s also good for forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet lines and neck lines.

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