Katie Price (aka Jordan) , THAT article!!!!

I just want to set the record straight….

 If you read the recent Daily star article, which “quoted” some of my statements about Jordan’s supposed cosmetic treatments, you must know that there are many things in that article which I never said. Once again, these are products of Daily Star journalist’s rich imagination, and their need to make the story as juicy and readable as possible. I have said this before and I say it again, having worked with the press extensively in the past, I completely understand why they do this, and I do not judge them.  However, here are things in that article which I never said:

1. I never gave Katie a “public warning”!

2. I never called her a “freak”!

3. I never said that if she did not stop botox soon, that she risked “permanent facial paralysis”, as apart from anything else, this medically is not true. Botox can not give you facial paralysis permanently at all. I feel that the journalist must have misunderstood me on this point.

When asked by the very nice Daily Star journalist what I thought of Jordan’s latest look, and did I think she was having too many cosmetic procedures,  after a slight hesitation (as I do not like to gossip or talk badly of anyone), I decided to give my honest opinion after all….

Why did I do this? Well I have been a great fan of Jordan (aka Katie Price) and have always been impressed by her fortitude, ambition, non nonsense attitude and above all natural charm and looks. Even before her rhinoplasty, which by the way I think was very well done indeed, I felt that she was naturally beautiful, and even though people were very quick to criticise her, I felt that she was a woman and mother to be admired.

However, I felt compelled to comment, when I was sent this photo by the Daily Star journalist, as I strongly felt that she was either being very badly advised on which cosmetic treatments to have, or that she should change her doctor quickly!! (if indeed it is a doctor she has been seeing for her procedures, one of my big bug bears as you know!)

Too much botox ? Yes! Too many fillers? Yes! Her lips especially have been hugely overdone and are not in balance with her face at all. If you note, she has actually had too much filler put above her lip. Also I feel she has definitely had too many fillers injected in her upper face and cheeks, giving her that slight “pillow face” look, as coined by Grazia magazine. Tatooed eyebrows? Yes indeed, and this is another bug bear of mine, I hate permanent eyebrow tattoos.

Leaving all of this aside, I hope that Katie is happy, and that her second marriage turns out to be a success. She deserves happiness, and with happiness I am sure that her natural looks will return once again. My recipe? A small break from it all, and then some baby botox and small amounts of filler once or twice a year. This way she will still be one of the most beautiful women in Britain, and yet she will still preserve her youthful looks.


Until next time….NM


PS Ban those VUVUZELAS now! It’s like listening to an attack of crazy wasps! All the singing has gone….

PPS Come on England today against Slovenia, your world cup starts HERE!!

Here’s the article in full:


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