Milo Clinic Update

Dear readers, bloggers,  clients , patients and fans

I am so sorry about the apparent blog sabbatical I have been on since my last blog entries at the end of 2008. It has been such a busy time in our lives, with little Max and Hana getting ever bigger and ever sweeter, and with  Max still not sleeping through the night, for the young parents out there  you will know exactly how “fun” that is! They are both so beautiful and  my wife Suncana and I have never been happier..

It has also been a very busy time for the Milo clinic, and I can proudly report that we have continued to sail forcefully against the strong wind of economic strife. The pre Christmas period was busier than ever, and this year has continued to break all records in patient attendance. We are proud and humbled by this increased demand for our procedures in the face of a global economic downturn. We feel that it’s a testament to all our hard work and highest quality of treatments.  As you may have read in my previous blogs, I do not feel that our industry is going to be particularly affected by the economic downturn , as it’s still reasonably affordable and accessible, but I still want to thank all our  clients for their loyalty and continued attendance.

Throughout 2009, the Milo clinic is looking to expand and remain the number one aesthetic clinic in the UK. Although based in London only, we are now having patients travel to us for various treatments from many corners of the UK such as Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh. We also have many clients travel from other corners of the globe such as Nigeria, Dubai, Pakistan, Spain, Sweden, Croatia, USA and Canada to name but a few. I don’t want to over use the term humbled too much in this blog, but that is exactly how I feel when all these patients travel long distances to see me, when they may well have qualified aesthetic doctors on their doorstep.

The most popular treatments patients travel to us for are the amazingly effective non-surgical eye bag removal using the dermal filler called perlane (tear trough procedure – , the revolutionary non surgical breast enhancement (macrolane- and for the life changing  botox for underarm sweating (

Of course , our botox and dermal filler treatments remain the most popular, but the latest additions to the Milo clinic this month include the Obagi System and Blue peels about which I am so excited that I will have to write another dedicated blog to this topic as this really is a kind of miracle treatment for the skin, removing all blemishes, scars, acne  and pigmentations.( I am also so excited about our expansion into the field of plastic surgery ( , and in partnership with my old friend and colleague plastic surgeon Dr Vlado Boric, we hope to provide unrivalled quality and unbelievable affordability . Plastic surgery in Croatia will also need it’s own dedicated blog, and that’s coming very soon.

What else is coming at the Milo clinic in 2009? World domination? I am only joking , naturally, but we will be striving to improve in every way, and we will be adding new services and new procedures to our repertoire if and when we deem them to be tried and tested enough. I feel that this is exactly what sets us apart from other clinics, we will only do something if it’s safe, if it actually works and when we can genuinely say that we are experts in that particular craft.

So what’s likely to be next at the Milo Clinic? Well it’s the wonderful world of Laser Lipolysis (Smartlipo) which is a kind of non-surgical liposuction, but more about that soon..

Many thanks

Dr Nikola Milojevic  �

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