‘Stunning results’ by Dr Milojevic in Woman’s Own magazine’s September issue

We love seeing published success stories, almost as much as seeing patients leave our clinic with smiles all round!

So when we invited Nilufer Atik in to our clinic to try our Tear Trough treatment, we were delighted to hear she was delighted with Dr Milojevic care and her ‘stunned’ with her instant results in Woman’s Own Magazine September 2015 issue. 

Here is what Nilufer, had to say about her experience with our doctor;

Coming from a family in which the women aged well, I’d never worried about growing old. My grandmother hadn’t gone grey until she was 60 and my mum looked so young my brother’s friends often thought she was his sister. Sadly, in my dad’s family they all seemed to suffer the same age-related flaw – eye bags. I’d inherited them too, except mine were more like suitcases and bags! They’d struck in my early thirties and seemed to appear almost overnight. One day I looked in the mirror and saw a plump, youthful face staring back at me, the next a middle-aged woman who looked like she’d been partying with Ronnie Wood for the last decade.

‘Right, time to take action,; I told myself last month. Nearly 40, I wanted to cling on to my youth for as long as possible. But the thought of having blepharoplasty, the name of the surgery to remove the unsightly fast beneath my lower lids, frightened me. Plus there were the side effects. Even the best surgeon couldn’t guarantee a good outcome and just one slip of the scalpel could permanently alter the same of my eyes, my best feature. There was also the risk of infection and scarring to worry about. Plus it cost £4000 and the bags could always return.

Then I heard about a new procedure called Tear Trough treatment, which promised not only t make under-eye bags disappear, but to do so in just 10 minutes. ‘It knocks seven years off your age,’ one review stated. In just 10 minutes? I doubted it, but according to Dr Nikola Milojevic at the Milo Clinic in London, it was true. ‘People think eye bags are caused by pockets of fat forming beneath the eyes. But this isn’t strictly correct,’ Dr Milojevic told me when I arrived at this plush Harley Street clinic one lunchtime to try the treatment.

‘As we age we start losing the malar fat under the eyes and end up getting this droop, which forms a shadow. It’s more of a parting of the seas – there is a ligament under the eyes that stops the lower lids drooping when the rest of the face does. As this happens the cheek drops away a little, causing a trough underneath.’

He explained that these troughs can be filled by injecting a special filler called Perlane just above the bones of each eye socket. The substance would then be moulded through massage to fill in the pockets and round out the fatty tissue. I was reassured it wouldn’t hurt too much. ‘The results are instant and last for at least 12 months,’ he promised.

I still felt nervous as Dr Milojevic shone a light on my face. I’m not normally afraid of needles, but then I’d never had one near my eye before. ‘What if he slips and blinds me?’ I worried, as I saw the fine two-inch needle. Dr Milojevic explained I might feel a pinch as the tip went in but only for a second. ‘The filler contains an anaesthetic which gets to work straight away,’ he reassured me.

I braced myself for the first injection, but before I knew it, it was over. I’d experienced more pain having a bikini wax. The only uncomfortable thing about it was hearing a ‘crunching’ sound in my head as the filler went in. Quite normal, the doctor told me. The left eye needed less filler as the trough wasn’t as bad. Just over nine minutes later, I was done.

‘Can I look now?’ I asked excitedly. I was astounded by my reflection – my eye bags had virtually vanished! It was as if the last few years of my life, managing a busy career with a hectic home and social life, had literally been wiped off my face. I looked 10 years younger, not seven. I was completely speechless. The only visible signs that I’d had anything ‘done’ were a few tiny pinpricks and some bruising and swelling that was slightly worse the next morning. But it was nothing that couldn’t be covered up easily with my normal make-up.

I wasn’t sure anyone would notice at first but when I walked back into the office one of the girls remarked on how ‘fresh’ I looked that day. ‘it must be because I done my makeup differently.’ I lied. ‘Well, you look really lovely,’ she complimented. ‘It suits you.’

Another friend I saw later that evening for a catch-up told me I looked like I was still in my twenties! I was delighted. I wouldn’t hesitate to have the treatment again. Life without my eye bags feels so much lighter.


23, September, 2015Grga Borac