Dr Milojevic discusses the terrifying concept of DIY botox in September’s issue of Company Magazine

In September’s issue of the Company magazine, Dr Nick Milojevic gave an in depth interview discussing the terrifying advent of websites promoting DIY botox. These are websites selling cheap, stolen and quite probably contaminated botox, and they come with face maps, needles and syringes, telling the prospective DIY patient where and how to inject the toxin. E-Bay […]

23, August, 2009Grga Borac

Cheap botox?

Yes the holy grail of cheap botox, or is it a poisoned challice? In these tougher economic times it would not be a surprise that many of you may be looking for cheaper botox in perhaps an as yet undiscovered clinic somewhere , trying to cut the costs and yet still maintaining your regular botox treatments. Is this […]

18, December, 2008neekmilo_x186r333