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These 5 great anti-aging procedures are perfect presents!

This list of amazing aesthetic procedures is guaranteed to give you that extra Christmas sparkle and to still make you look refreshed and healthy at the dawn of2012. Let’s banish the thoughts of the economic doom and gloom , with 5 simple and affordable “pick-me-up” steps to give you that extra “edge” for the upcoming party season […]

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Underarm sweating – The Daily Telegraph

�Dr Nikola Milojevic was recently interviewed by the Daily Telegraph on the huge increase in demand for botox treatment for underarm sweating and hand sweating. This revolutionary and life changing treatment has been given the term “SWEATOX”. “Botox for wrinkles is nothing new ,but now cosmetic clinics report an increase in a little known use: sweat reduction. […]

15, October, 2008Grga Borac

Excessive sweating

Dr. Milo was interviewed for an article on excessive sweating, which featured in this month’s Woman magazine. Why we sweat We all sweat – it’s a fact of life, but 70 per cent of us worry about it. Sweating is the body’s cooling mechanism and is essential to everyday life. Across the skin are some […]

15, July, 2007Grga Borac