Tatler: Eyes on the prize

Meet Dr Nick Milojevic, the specialist knows a the ‘Botox King’.  He will – quite literally – open your eyes to the wonderful world on non-invasive cosmetic procedures

With more than 13 years of experience in non-surgical procedures and an impressive family pedigree (his father was on the of European pioneers in moders plastic surgery), Dr Nick Milojevic is at the forefront of aesthetic medicine. The top doctor for Botox and fillers, he has carefully noted the trend move from ‘give me everything you’ve got’ to ‘less is most definitely more’. It is his name you hear on the (perfectly plumped) lips of the A-listers because, at his Milo Clinic, clients get exactly what they want with minimal fuss. His art is to make you look as youthvul as your spirit.

Feast your eyes

Once the exclusive domain of a surgeon, blepharoplasty – the art of correcting the signs of ageingas well as the defects, deformities, and disfigurations of the eyelid – is now awailable to all without going under the dreaded scalpel. Yes, Dr Milojevic and his trusty Plasmage device have changed all that, and to amazing effect.

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