The Evening Standard: The list of Top Recommended clinics in London for Dermal fillers and Botox

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We are sorry for our rather long blog sabbatical over the summer, but we are back!! And in the next few weeks we very much expect to start blogging again regularly, and there are many stories in the pipeline..

To kick off the the new season , here is an article which even surprised us! You may all remember how about 1 month ago , the news were full of stories about unlicenced clinics performing botox and dermal fillers in London and the UKas a whole, and how regulation was coming in to control this situation. We have blogged on this topic extensively in the past, and we feel pasionately about this,  so were very pleased indeed with this news.

Here is one of our older blogs on this topic:Cheap botox

What we sometimes missed, (and as you will see from the next few blogs it has been a rather busy busy time), that Alice Hart-Davies, London’s leading cosmetic journalist, listed Milo clinic as one of the most”trusted” and recommended clinics in London for botox and dermal fillers, and were given a special recommendation for the tear trough procedures.

Here is what Alice Hart-Davies said in her article (to see the full article click on the following link THE EVENING STANDARD):

Plastic fantastic: London’s best cosmetic surgeons

Alice Hart-Davis

If it wasn’t all so serious, you’d have to laugh. Last week’s report into cosmetic surgical procedures published by the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) was damning — telling of operating theatres without the right equipment and of surgeons without sufficient skill for the procedures they were attempting — but worse was the news that almost three- quarters of clinics approached refused to participate in the study at all.

This report arrives in the wake of a new, voluntary register for cosmetic injectibles, which has already been branded “toothless” by an exasperated Nigel Mercer, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Meanwhile, the many private clinics offering non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as lasers, wrinkle-fillers, microdermabrasion and Botoxcontinue, happily unregulated.

So how do you find a safe pair of hands? Two tips. Do your homework. Ask for recommendations — from friends, colleagues, anyone you suspect has knowledge of this branch of the beauty business.

If you are considering a clinic, pay them a visit, ask to meet the doctor who will be treating you — you may have to pay, you are taking up his or her time — and discuss properly whether the procedure you are considering is relevant to you.

Prices are similar wherever you go (if they’re suspiciously cheap, it’s a bad sign); around £100 for peels, from £250 for Botox; from £400 for fillers and around £1,000 a go for the most sophisticated lasers and radio-frequency machines.

Here are the London practitioners I’d recommend.

The pick of London’s practitioners

Here, in the article followed a list of about 15 top London’s clinics, including your very own:

Dr Nick Milojevic :  0207 100 1234

Terrific at filling up the delicate “tear-trough” hollow beneath the eyes.

26, October, 2010Grga Borac