The Sun newspaper asks Dr Milojevic: What work has Madonna had done on her face?

Dear Readers

The Sun newspaper asked me today to comment on Madonna’s latest photos, and asked me for my opinion on what she potentially had done.  I usually do not like to do this, but was compelled to comment, when I saw these photos.

I have always been a big big fan of Madonna’s, and in fact went to her Sticky and Sweet tour concert at Wembley stadium only 3 years ago with my wife. At the time my wife commented: ” Oh my gosh, Madonna is still somebody who looks great for her age”. And at the time , this was true, but the unkind hands of time have ticked on since then, and Madonna obviously just would not let go.. The result? Even though she did the right thing, and opted for mainly non-surgical procedures, the temptation was just too much, and she just simply had too much done, giving her what I call a “fake youth” look and a bloated appearance. You know, even though doctors such as I can help us to grow old more gracefully and slowly, we simply can not turn the clock back completely.

But enough of me, here’s The Sun article in full  and for those reading this tonight, even though this was published on The Sun website tonight (after an interview with me only 4 hours ago!!), it will not be in the actual newspaper and at a newsagent near you until tomorrow morning, so here’s the sneak preview:

30, November, 2010Grga Borac