The rise of Pre-tox

Two of Dr Nick Milojevic’s long term botox patients were featured in the Grazia magazine issued on the 1st December 2008. In the article 3 women in their 20s  were asked why they were already having botox treatments at their age.

It has long been a strong belief in the aesthetic industry as well as that of Dr Milojevic , that all aesthetic treatments including botox and dermal fillers are brilliant for prevention of lines , folds and wrinkles and that results are always best achieved for patients under approximately 50 years of age although this of course depends on many other factors. “When lines , wrinkles and loss of contour of the face become more extreme and well set, results will be much harder to achieve.”

Of course there is always a lot of media controversy about ever younger patients seeking aesthetic treatments such as botox  and some people feel that nobody under the age of 30 should have botox. Dr Milojevic disagrees strongly : ” Botox has a proven safety track record with almost 40 years of use in aesthetic medicine and other general medical disciplines including paediatrics. There are no proven long term side-effects of botox and as long as a young patient in their 20s is assessed properly and has some wrinkles even if not very strong,  which have the potential of getting stronger, then administartion of small doses of botox will achieve a safe and natural result. Botox is much safer than smoking, binge drinking or even ear piercing so why should we frown upon younger patients seeking to stop the clock early with these treatments. Botox is not plastic surgery but just a great minimally invasive procedure which aims to achieve and maintain a healthy and younger looking skin.”

Jemma Cooke, one of our patients featured in this Grazia article, agrees whole heartedly and simply concludes : “I don’t think I’m too young for Botox. It’s brilliant, and I’ll hardly have any wrinkles when I’m in my thirties. I’m glad I started it sooner rather than later.”

14, December, 2008Grga Borac