Top 10 reasons why Milo Clinic is the best aesthetic clinic in the UK

At the Milo clinic we strive for perfection every day. We assess our work and results and make improvements all the time. We continually educate ourselves by attending many world conferences like the Monaco anti-aging conference, the IMCAS Paris conference, the FACE conference and the BCAM conferences. It is hence wonderful to receive all the wonderful testimonials and plaudits from our patients and the press alike. A true reward for all our hard work, and why we do believe that we provide the best non surgical aesthetic procedures in the land. So, as part of our new regular monthly TOP 10 coulumn, here  are the TOP 10 reasons why we think we ARE the best in London, and indeed in the UK:

1. Dr Milojević is regularly voted as being the best doctor in the UK for the non-surgical eyebag removal procedure using dermal fillers such as Restylane. Newspapers such as The Guardian, The Evening Standard and The Daily Mail have listed him top of their own top 10 lists, or have written about him and this procedure, also known as the tear trough procedure. Milo clinic is also right at the top of Google’s generic lists in the UK and indeed countries like the USA for terms such as “non-surgical eyebag removal”. With over 5000 tear trough cases under his belt, he is regarded as the lead expert for this procedure in Europe, with patients flying in from far and wide.

2.Dr Milojević was dubbed the Botox King by the UK media including The Sun newspaper, Grazia magazine and the Daily Express who named him the best UK botox doctor and the best in London and Harley street, pushing Dr Sebagh into second place. Milo clinic is indeed top of the Google search lists for search terms such as “Baby Botox”.


3. Dr Milojević is regarded as one of the top UK doctors for the non-surgical nose shaping procedureusing dermal fillers such as Perlane. He was indeed the top expert for this procedure for Q-med (now Galderma), the producers of Restylane fillers. His other passion are the lip augmentation procedures using restylane dermal fillers, and with more and more of his signature “sexy & natural lips” walking around London and much wider, he has gained another new nickname of  the“London lip King” , which we can tell you makes him blush with pride!

4. All our patients are treated by Dr Milojevic with the greatest of personal care, and using a holistic approach we treat the whole face, body and indeed the mind. Dr Milojevic is a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, a medical doctor with many qualifications, and a dilpoma in aesthetic medicine, and with over 30,000 performed botox and dermal filler procedures over the last 10 years, with a second to none level of experience. With this and his personalised approach, our patients get natural, effective and long lasting results.

5. Dr Milojevic is an expert educator and lecturer, and holds many educations and seminars , teaching botox and dermal filler techniques at courses and conferences. Attending education and conferences throughout the world, our techniques are updated on our daily basis, and indeed doctor Milojevic has developed his own techniques which make the results last longer than average. We hence find that the results of treatments like dermal fillers for the naso labial lines last as long as 4 years in some patients, and not the official 12 months.

6. Dr Milojevic is known for his light hand, the fact which is confirmed on many forums and websites. He uses a special technique, which means that your botox and dermal filler treatments will hurt a lot less than in other clinics.

Our waiting room
Our waiting room

7.We only use the best quality materials and no cheap knock offs, untested products or watered down botox. We use botox, the original botulinum toxinum from Allergan, and Restylane and Perlane, the original fillers from Galderma. Of course we are flexible, and if another product like Juvederm or Teosyal is needed for a specific patient we can do that too.

8. Milo clinic is situated in Harley street, the most famous street for medical clinics in the world. It is based in a wonderful period house, with high ceilings and a great feel.

9. Milo clinic is one of UK’s leading clinics for the “miraculous” Obagi Nu Derm creams which eradicate all pigmentations and give the skin back it’s youthful glow. Obagi is the best rejuvenation tool on the market and certainly the best for removing pigmentations.

10. Milo clinic facilitates second to none five star medical tourism to Croatia with the best surgeons inEurope at our fingertips, and with just a short 2 hour flight within reach, aesthetic operations like Vaser liposuction, blepharoplasties or otoplasties at 60% cheaper than in the UK.

Look out for our next TOP 10 column next month!


Published by: Milo Clinic

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