Nonsurgical Aesthetic procedures for the Asian Face


Believe it or not this is a wish of many women (and men) from the Far East Asian countries and indeed, in countries such as China  that “European look” is much sought after. “Double eyelid” plastic surgeries are commonplace in that part of the world, wonderful operations which can open up the eyes, take away the excess skin, make the eyes rounder looking and indeed more European. It is a commonly known fact that Asian actresses from the USA like Lucy Liu, are regarded as “ugly” in the Asian countries such as South Korea, because they did not have this surgery done! There are hospitals in Seoul and Beijing where as many as 100 of these exact operations are performed every day!

We only need to look at billboards and adverts in countries such as Japan, to see that the gorgeous models look suspiciously European, with a narrower face, chiselled nose and cheeks, and paler skin…And not to mention the bleached blond hair and blue cotact lenses…

Maybe the grass is just always greener, but in this increasingly tolerant and mixed race world, there seems to be an increasingly common fenomenon that all the races seem to want to look like each other. Michael Jackson, being a perfect examaple of this fenomenon… He always wanted to look like his idol Elizabeth Taylor apparently…

Have you noticed how white English girls often want dermal filler treatments to give them fuller more luscious lips, how they like to enhance their cheeks and gain a beautiful suntan on a Spanish beach? And not to mention so many of them who increasingly want to increase the size and lift their back sides with fat transfer, using Vaser lipo or having silicone implants? How maybe subconsciously, in reality they want to look a bit more like a beautiful afro-caribbean work colleague?

But back to our aesthetic treatments for the Asian face, the Chinese face, Japanese face, Thai face…There are many wishes…

The non-surgical possibilities of reshaping the Asian face to look more European are endless, and of course lets not be silly, you are not going to change someone’s race with these treatments overnight, but will instead subtly and naturally  shape the face to add those more striking European features, it is after all their wish!

Well what can we change and how?

Here is an easy to follow guide:

1. WE CAN SHAPE THE NOSE, to make it bigger, more striking,  thinner from the front, straighter and for it to have more shape. The Asian nose is usally very small, with no significant shape and it always has the appearance of somehow “sinking” between the eyes. We can achieve this transformation from an Asian to a European nose with a 10 minute dermal filler procedure with a real wow-factor. This, one of my favourite procedures, is also the most commonly asked for procedure at the Milo clinic by our Asian patients (and indeed often by Afro-Caribbean patients). Carefully injecting a hyaluronic dermal filler like restylane or perlane in the Asian nose, the magical transformation is very quick, painless and the results are truly amazing. A small , wide, flat nose, can be transformed easily into a thin, straight, more striking european nose. Great experience and an aesthetic eye of the doctor are essential.

2. MASSETER MUSCLE INJECTIONS WITH BOTOX are probably the second most commonly asked for procedures by our Asian patients. This wonderful procedure narrows the face to make it look more “European”, as our patients do not want to have the appearance of the typical “Asian moon face”. It only takes a few skilfull injections of quite high dose filler into the chewing masseter muscles (also a great botox treatment for patients who grind their teeth), and 10 days later, when the results kick in (due to the resulting inactivity of these muscles the muscles become smaller therefore making the face look more narrow), our patients look like the narrow faced models from the billboards from back home in Asia.

3. WE CAN OPEN UP THE EYES AND MAKE THEM MORE ROUND andmore European looking without reverting to the scalpel and the previously mentioned “double eyelid surgery”. We do this by using our two old friends, dermal fillers and botox. By carefully targeting certain muscles like the procerus and corrugator muscles, we can make other muscles more powerful and raise the eyebrows, giving the eyes a more rounder look. Dermal fillers, additionally injected in the eyebrows enhance this result.

4. WE CAN INCREASE THE SIZE OF THE CHIN AND JAWLINE, with careful injections of  thicker hyaluronic acid fillers such as Perlane, Restylane Sub Q, or Voluma. The Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Korean lower face do not have a significant contour, and the chin is often small and retracted. In this quick, 5 minute procedure, the filler can be injected through a needle or a cannula, and the chin can be increased in size and shaped very accurately with fantastic longlasting results.

5. WE CAN SHAPE BEAUTFUL HIGH CHEEK BONES, the likes of which are often seen in Europe and especially in Eastern European countries such as Russia. This is also a very sought after procedure at our clinic, and with careful injection of dermal fillers such as Restylane Sub Q, we can sculpt beautiful high cheek bones, giving the whole face a much more striking , more elegant look.

6. WE CAN LIGHTEN THE SKIN COLOUR AND EVEN OUT THE SKIN TEXTURE by using the incredible Obagi Nu Derm creams and the Obagi blue peel. This is a doctor lead 12 week course of medical creams, and I have always called it a miracle for the skin, and it is particularly efficient for the “skin of colour”, and completes the whole makeover, very much sought after by our Asian patients.

So dear readers that is it… I know that many of you will find this trend quite surprising, but it is a growing and in my opinion a wonderful trend. Why not?! For the Asian girls in London it has become a necessity, and indeed an accessory, along with all their Iphone 5s, Ugg boots and Burkin bags…

And one more thing, the Asian patients are the most wonderful and polite patients any Harley street doctor could ever wish for…

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