When Dr Milojevic met Dr Jean Carruthers, the woman who invented botox cosmetic

I attended the recent Face Conference, which I enjoyed thoroughly. The Face conference , for those of you who don’t know, is an annual aesthetic medicine conference and the best of it’s kind. All the best specialist doctors in our field were in attendance, and as usual I learned a lot and discovered many new exciting advances in our ever evolving industry, but there was one event and one person who overshadowed everything else …

Attending this year, lecturing and teaching was Jean Carruthers, the goddess herself! Jean Carruthers, as you will know from my previous blogs, is the woman who 20 years ago stumbled upon the fact that botox can remove facial wrinkles, and if it wasn’t for her  none of us would probably be here today. She is quite literally the godmother of modern aesthetics and a true celebrity.

I  booked myself onto a half day masterclass with Jean Carruthers, and it is the best half day I have had for a long time. Apart from anything else, she is such a wonderful person, kind, gentle and humorous in equal measures. And as far as her knowledge, well it seems to be a never ending  well…

Before attending this masterclass, a colleague of mine told me that they decided not to attend, saying : “Well what else new is there to know, surely we are such experienced doctors that we probably will not learn anything new?” However , I have always said that we all need a coach throughout our lives and careers , no matter how experienced we are or we think we are . Even  Roger Federer, the world’s most brilliant tennis player of all times  has a coach.  And you know what, what a great coach Jean Carruthers proved to be… I learned so much, so many new secrets and beautiful tips and pieces of information.  And what are they, well that would be telling!

Everyone who has had the priviledge of meeting Barack Obama in the last 6 months, talks about stardust.. Well I made very sure that I tucked away my little bit of stardust on meeting the woman we all have to be very thankful to, Jean Carruthers..

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