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Jawline, neck, skin and hand rejuvenation using hyaluronic acid fillers and skinboosters

Milo Clinic TV always bring you informative films on the most interesting aesthetic medicine treatments in the industry. In this film, we can see how skin tightening and rejuvenation around the jawline and neck are perfomed, using dermal fillers and botox in the “nefertiti neck lift” procedure. Also, we can see how the incredible hand […]

18, March, 2015neekmilo_x186r333

Dr Milojevic becomes the Tear Trough expert in the Cosmetic Surgery Today magazine

Our very own Dr Nick Milojevic has become the tear trough expert in the Cosmetic Surgery Today magazine, UK’s leading aesthetic magazine. He was featured widely in this issue as one of the best aesthetic doctors in the UK, and here is what he had to say about the wonderful tear trough procedure: “The non-surgical […]

18, April, 2012Grga Borac

Eyebags, big nose, loose skin around the neck? The nonsurgical nose job, the tear trough procedure and the Nefertiti neck lift are the answers..

The fast paced world of non-surgical aesthetic procedures becomes ever more magical with every month that passes by. From a BACD meeting in Nice, an IMCAS meeting in Paris, to the Anti- Aging show in Las Vegas; new procedures and techniques are being constantly invented and developed, and the non-surgical world is emerging as the […]

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The Latest Elle Magazine article—“Welcome to the Land of beautiful people”

Dr Milojević and the newly opened Poliklinika Milojević were recently featured in a wonderful Elle magazine article. This was in the Croatian version of the magazine, and it featured the recent opening of our modern anti-age clinic in Zagreb. It listed all the different procedures we will be carrying out and highlighted the fact that […]

05, April, 2011Grga Borac

The Sun newspaper asks Dr Milojevic: What work has Madonna had done on her face?

Dear Readers The Sun newspaper asked me today to comment on Madonna’s latest photos, and asked me for my opinion on what she potentially had done.  I usually do not like to do this, but was compelled to comment, when I saw these photos. I have always been a big big fan of Madonna’s, and […]

30, November, 2010Grga Borac