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Daily Mail: The NO-KNIFE nose job: the revolutionary procedure that smooths out bumps – without surgery

A procedure is helping thousands of people straighten out their bumpy noses – without going under the knife. The pioneering treatment involves injecting dermal filler into the face to make a smoother line from base to tip. While, in reality, this makes the nose bigger, the more regular appearance can actually make it appear smaller. […]

19, August, 2013Grga Borac

Top 10 reasons why Milo Clinic is the best aesthetic clinic in the UK

At the Milo clinic we strive for perfection every day. We assess our work and results and make improvements all the time. We continually educate ourselves by attending many world conferences like the Monaco anti-aging conference, the IMCAS Paris conference, the FACE conference and the BCAM conferences. It is hence wonderful to receive all the wonderful […]

12, May, 2013neekmilo_x186r333

Non-surgical face lift, by Dr Nikola Milojevic

Yes we have received a lot of press coverage since our arrival in Croatia, and are very grateful for that. Here are a couple of recent newspaper links, and the non-surgical face lift is not only as fascinating as always, but both my English and Croatian readers should undestand it too: Click on the following […]

05, April, 2011neekmilo_x186r333

The Latest Elle Magazine article—“Welcome to the Land of beautiful people”

Dr Milojević and the newly opened Poliklinika Milojević were recently featured in a wonderful Elle magazine article. This was in the Croatian version of the magazine, and it featured the recent opening of our modern anti-age clinic in Zagreb. It listed all the different procedures we will be carrying out and highlighted the fact that […]

05, April, 2011Grga Borac

Thought of the month – Make your nose straighter and reduce it’s size with non surgical nose shaping using Restylane

Another thought of the month, and yes, we have written about this quite a bit in the past, but with the summer well behind us and christmas approaching fast, why not walk proud with your nose held up high… The nose is the centre of the face, the central feature of the devine proportions which […]

12, November, 2010neekmilo_x186r333

The new A-List Nip/Tweaks- The latest Milo clinic press coverage in Look magazine

We are proud to announce that  Dr Nick Milojevic was once again featured in the UK press last week in the top selling  Look magazine. Hot on the heels of last month’s Milo clinic coverage in Grazia , Look  again covered Dr Milojevic’s pioneering tear trough treatment, also known as Non-Surgical eyebag removal. The article covered 6 […]

03, May, 2010Grga Borac

Milo Clinic in Grazia Magazine– The Rise of the Tweakment

We are proud to inform you that Dr Milojevic and the Milo clinic were featured in last week’s Health and Beauty section of the Grazia magazine on page 136. Over the last couple of years , Dr Milojevic has been working very hard indeed at developing his techniques for non-surgical eye bag removal (“the tear […]

31, March, 2010Grga Borac