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Top 10 reasons why Milo Clinic is the best aesthetic clinic in the UK

At the Milo clinic we strive for perfection every day. We assess our work and results and make improvements all the time. We continually educate ourselves by attending many world conferences like the Monaco anti-aging conference, the IMCAS Paris conference, the FACE conference and the BCAM conferences. It is hence wonderful to receive all the wonderful […]

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Interview in Aesthetics, surgery and Cosmetics magazine

Continuing with Dr Milojevic’s press coverage in Croatia, as part of opening his new clinic in Zagreb, Dr Milojevic gave an interview to a magazine called: “Estetika, Kirurigija & Kozmetika”, and the title needs no translation! The magazine is a fresh new look at the world of aesthetic medicine and aesthetic plastic surgery in general. […]

01, December, 2011Grga Borac

Vaser Lipo – The miracle of liposuction with better and more even results, done under local, and hardly any downtime!

Here is our latest coverage from the Croatian press, where Dr Milojevic now has his own regular column in a national magazine called : “Zdrav Život”, which means “Healthy Life”. This month, Dr Milojević discusses the different types of invasive and non-invasive body contouring technologies, and assesses which is the best. In a world of […]

10, November, 2011Grga Borac

Dr Nick Milojevic gets his own regular column in Playboy, with rave reviews!

Dr Milojevic realises his boyhood dream, and get s regular column in Playboy, the Croatian edition. In his first column he describes his meeting with a cab driver called John. It is a great adventure, during which they mainly discuss botox!!! Anyone interested in a detailed translation, we would be much obliged. The full story […]

08, September, 2011Grga Borac

Latest In the Croatian Press-Extra Magazine-London’s Top 3 come to Zagreb

More from the ongoing Croatian press coverage. Here Dr Milojevic discusses: 1.The brilliant non-surgical eye bag treatments, also known as “tear troughs”  with dermal fillers, 2. Obagi Nu Derm, ” a miracle for this skin”  and 3. Last but not least, the hottest topic of the month in the Croatian press, VASER lipo. To read […]

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Latest Press Coverage- Jutarnji List newspaper discusses Vaser Lipo with us- the first Vaser in Croatia

Dear Readers Read our latest coverage in the Croatian press. Dr Milojevic’s return to the Croatian aesthetic market has attracted a lot of attention in the press over there, not least because of his father Prof Bosko Milojevic’s huge reputation and legacy in Croatia, and also due to Dr Nikola Milojevic’s reputation and extensive experience […]

28, February, 2011Grga Borac

Vaser lipo – the minimally invasive ultrasound liposuction miracle…

At last!! It is finally here!! Vaser Lipo, the miracle  for body shaping and body thinning!! I say miracle, as it manages to achieve results that were previously thought to be impossible with methods such as classical liposuction and laser lipolysis methods such as Smartlipo. At the beginning of this blog I did say :” […]

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